Social web tools to support learning

Nikhil Eyeroor Internet and the social web The “social web” received wide acceptance in the academic world only in recent years. The term social web is often used for internet-based interaction between and within groups. Social web or Web 2.0 Read More …

Avenues in blended learning

Cynthia D’Costa
Every alternate Sunday, about 50 students meet at a college in Mumbai, for their course in Teacher Education.

Use me, says the calculator

Hi, I am the Calculator. In the adult world, I’m fairly ubiquitous, in fact quite indispensable for many.

Making powerful points

Aditi Mathur, Ratnesh Mathur, and Vidya Samudrala
The best way to learn is to teach! Children love to share, to show, to explain and to exhibit – to peers.

The world in the classroom

A G Lakshmi Sujatha
In my opinion, integrating technology into classroom teaching is a great way to ensure this.