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Manaswini Sridhar
Do you have shy students in class? Have you wondered how to open them up? Find some answers here.

August 2009, Focus »

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Meeta Mohanty
Outsourcing work is in fashion today. Anybody and everybody seems to be doing it. Schools too are outsourcing their day-to-day functions. While outsourcing work helps the school temporarily this author says that is no solution to a school’s problem. Schools have to learn to find their own solutions.

August 2009, Interventions »

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P Sreedevi
This is a story of how an NGO worked to set up a children’s library in a small village called Wackro in Arunachal Pradesh.

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Shankar Musafir
The ‘neighbourhood criteria’ has environmental, economic and social ramifications
Admission to the nursery classes in most schools in Delhi has …

August 2009, Last Word »

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Sheela Ramakrishnan
Every country has a different set of rules for driving on its roads. This author shares her amusing experience of trying to relearn the rules of driving in another country.

August 2009, Words Unlimited »

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by S Upendran,

Madras eye, Delhi belly, Oxford blue, Mexican wave, and American dream. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the first element in the expressions that have been listed is the name of a well-known place…

August 2009, Primary Pack »

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Ratna Rao

How does a child learn his native tongue? By listening. The child starts listening, some say, even while in …

August 2009, Editorial »

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It’s being debated on television, in staff rooms and drawing rooms, and people have a variety of opinions about Union …

August 2009, Tool Kit »

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K Lakshmi Rao
Reading habits among children are on the decline, in part thanks to the television and the computer.

August 2009, Classroom Update »

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Srijaya Char
Carbon is one of those elements known to man since prehistoric times, in the form of charcoal and soot.