All things biological

Geetha Iyer and Sundaram S
This is the centenary year of Charles Darwin, whose classical theory of the Origin of Life is still hotly debated.

Dots, lines, spaces and Math

Geetha Durairajan
I am not a teacher of mathematics but have taught enough cousins in my school days the basics of percentages, time and distance, time and work, stocks and shares, etc.


Saroja Sreekanth
People often tend to equate mathematical ability with intelligence as they see it used brilliantly by some and poorly by others.

Division of fractions

Dr SN Gananath
The more serious issue of school maths is what is taught rather than how it is taught.

The concept of negative numbers

Shakuntala Jaisinghani
Several hundred years ago mathematicians realised that there were a lot of problems they could solve if they had a way to talk about numbers less than zero.

What is math?

Vijayalakshmi Nagarajan
Vocabulary enrichment is essential in the development of mathematical concepts in children.