Webby tales

Indrani Roy
Most of us grow up with a dislike for all things creepy and crawly – spiders, lizards, cockroaches and other insects.

When learning became an adventure

Anita Choudhary
My little world brightened up one fine morning when I was ready to implement an idea. It all started with a feedback form.

Experiencing grading

Anil Seth
I have a vivid memory of the last time I got marks. It was in the 8th class. We had a special course on technical drawing.

On discipline

G Gautama
In village communities, armies, religious organisations, schools, families and governments, punishment exists in some form or the other.

Vikasana: helping kids blossom

Meghana Rao
One has to fight the suffocating smoke from the lorry traffic and the pungent smell from the industries’ chimneys to reach Vikasana.

From the ‘storehouse’

S Upendran
We all read magazines. In fact, you are reading one right now. Teacher Plus is a magazine that comes out every month.

No kidding!!

Nalini Suryanarayan
On a recent web browsing trip, I made a casual visit to a ‘parenting’ website and came across distressed parents concerned about their teenaged children.


Yours, mine and ours The Editorial and Last Word of the January 2008 issue of Teacher Plus brought back 25-year-old memories, when I was a wet-behind-the-ears sub-editor at a national newspaper. We received a beautifully written piece by a young Read More …

The A to Zee of a class magazine

Cheryl Rao Teachers and schools are well-acquainted with the intricacies, difficulties and rewards of bringing out the annual school magazine. But what about the sheer joy of a handmade, informal class magazine on a quarterly or monthly basis? This could Read More …