More Creative Strategies

More Creative Strategies Innovative ideas in any field are always appreciated. I am always trying and working on new ideas and methods of teaching and learning mathematics. It’s a pleasure to share with you that in the July issue of Read More …

Fun with Set Theory

Shailendra Kumar Gupta
Are you looking for a fun, easy and effective way of teaching set theory? Then your search ends here.

Word for Word

Teacher Plus introduces interesting word games for teachers to take a break from everyday school schedules. These games can also be played as a classroom activity, with children, helping them improve their English language skills. The solutions to the games Read More …

Waves of Change

Sandhya Siddharth
There are a lot of things one needs to understand before starting a teacher resource centre. Find out what they are.

Clothes on the line

How clothes can help your class touch upon a variety of concepts from different subject areas – history, geography, science, language, even maths.

Pardon me?

Manaswini Sridhar
Speaking skills in most educational institutions take a backseat, with the result that speaking has become a problem today and companies are forced to spend lavishly on getting their employees to speak the right way – by sounding interested, intelligent and intelligible.

Money in The Banca?

S Upendran
English continues to be on overdrive when it comes to borrowing from other languages.

Sky is The Limit!

Parul Sharma
Measuring and rewarding the right kind of performance forms the cornerstone of any well functioning system of incentives.