Schooling: No Equal Measures?

Pawan Singh
The third National Learning Conference hosted by the Azim Premji Foundation was held at Bangalore. Teacher Plus reports.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Tomatoes were fruits and not vegetables as is the popular notion? For more such dymistyfing facts read on.

Event-ful Learning

Dr. Lalit Kishore
Math and sport. On the face of it very logical companions. But not many use them together. Here the author tells us how basic math concepts can be taught through football.

What is Wrong With Our Exams?

Rama Mathew
In this article the author laments the examination system in the country and cites reasons for bringing about a change.

Maps that make sense

Eleanor Watts
How bored are your children when you suggest to them that the day’s lesson is mapping? Here are a few ideas that can help you enliven a mapping exercise.

Miracles in The Laboratory

Sujata C
If you are curious as to how godmen produce the ‘sacred ash’ from thin air or walk on fire read to find out. This article will make an extremely intereting chemistry class.

The Exercise of Freedom

Reviewed by Gurveen Kaur
This article reviews the book Democratic Schools: Lessons from the chalk face – a book about teachers who are brave enough to think differently from the existing educational system.

Measuring Time

Have you ever wondered what our early calendars were like? Who developed the first calendar? You will find answers to these and more questions in this article.

The Whole, Not The Part

Deepa Onkar
The first of a series of seven articles on modern Indian educators and thinkers, this one features Jiddu Krishnamurti.

An Opportunity, Not a Threat

Kavita Tandon
Puritans of the English language cringe when they see the language of the SMS. Will it affect the way English is taught? Are we ready yet to accept this new form of English?