Blood matters

Dr K Gayathri

erytrocyty Biology teaching needs to step out of the textbook ever so often and find its place in daily life – the lessons that apply to what and how we eat, how we live and how we relate to people around us. Teaching units that relate to nutrition and health can be made practicable to both our students and ourselves. This article on tackling anemia, a common nutrition related deficiency, can give you some supplemental information and ideas to take into the classroom.

National and regional surveys indicate that the prevalence of anemia is as high as 74 per cent in Indian children and as high as 90 per cent among adolescent girls. The World Health Organization is actively engaged in community based programmes to combat this worldwide malaise. Even so, iron deficiency continues to be part of a multi-nutrient deficiency especially vitamin B12 and folic acid the world over.

The author is a hematologist with Tapadia Lifeline Diagnostic Centre, Hyderabad. She can be reached at [email protected].

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