The parent trap

Latha Vydianathan

A corollary of the virtual classrooms has been that parents are now able to watch the teacher’s every move hawk-eyed and what is more they don’t think twice before interrupting the teacher or pointing out her flaws and mistakes. But as the parents are watching the teachers so also the teachers are gauging parents. Here is a teacher’s fun list of the kind of parents she has ‘virtually’ met so far.

Ideas for a communicative English virtual class

Anubha Rawat
Virtual classes are here to stay, at least for sometime. While we all agree that there is nothing to beat the freedom and joy we experience in a physical classroom when we teach, we have to try and find ways to bring a little bit of that joy into our virtual classrooms as well. Here is how I tweaked some of my language activities to suit my e-classroom.

Books as a solution to teen issues

Nikhil Eyeroor
These days there is a lot of focus on the mental well-being of students. With more and more young adults falling prey to depression and social isolation, their emotional wellness is something that schools have to take care of. Reading or listening to stories can be a great way to heal. Here’s how bibliotherapy can help emotionally troubled students.

The role of a teacher amidst the pandemic

S S Verma
The pandemic has hit everybody hard. We have all had to reimagine the way we work and live and surely it has been most difficult for the teachers. Several teachers have lost their jobs, new teachers are not finding jobs and yet as a community they have not let their students down. No matter how difficult the circumstances they have worked and it is our job to support them in any way that they need.

What teachers need to know about conducting assessments online

Shantanu Rooj
Half the academic year has gone by and with little respite from COVID-19, it seems like it will be a while before schools can reopen. Under the regular academic schedule, this is assessment time. Schools would have been gearing up for half yearly exams. More and more it looks like, assessments too will have to be conducted online, at least for now. So what should teachers keep in mind while conducting online assessments? Read on.

How to teach critical thinking

Chintan Girish Modi
We all like our classrooms to be peaceful, quiet and harmonious. As far as possible, we discourage dissent, disagreement and arguements especially related to the lessons they are learning. But then, are we training our students for life? By being passive and obedient listeners in class, are we crushing their spirit of enquiry? Let us give our students a voice in the classroom today, so that they can speak loud and clear when they need to in life tomorrow.

Class beyond rooms: connecting is the new constructing

Chandani Goyal and Ashima Thirwani
2020 not only marked the onset of a new decade, but also refreshed the ways in which we teach and learn. Amidst all the changes, one thing is clear, it is necessary to refine our remote learning practices to engage the students, no matter the distance.

How to maintain the quality of education during online teaching

Tamilla Mammadova
Winter is round the corner and predictions say we are not going back to our regular life just as yet. While online education proved itself as a plausible prototype of face-to-face classes, education quality remains the prime concern of many educational institutions.

Spelling the dream

Chintan Girish Modi
Are you a school teacher who feels nervous while interacting with ambitious parents? Do you wonder why they expect their children to be exceedingly high achievers? Is it amusing to notice how competitive they can get?