My learnings as a teacher

Sweety Rastogi
A teacher now for many years, Sweety shares what she has learnt over all these years.

Corona conversations

Krittika Hazra
A primary teacher, struggling with online classes, finds some timely help in the form of a worksheet published in Teacher Plus. She shares her experiences.

Engage to eliminate ennui

S Bhuvaneshwari
Repetition is boring but it is also important for learning to happen. As teachers, therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that repetitive tasks are made fun for the students.

Online teaching: what I think

Shefali Sompura
A page from another teacher’s Covid diary. The author shares her experience of teaching online.

Nurturing scientific thinking through stories

Sai prashanthi Neelda

Stories make for a wonderful teaching aid not just for the language teachers but for the science teachers too. Here are a couple of examples of how and why science teachers should start using stories to teach.

Introducing India’s environmental concerns to young readers

Chintan Girish Modi
Conservation and protection of the environment is a concern that everybody including young children should be aware of. But how does one introduce this topic to them? How do we make them realize the magnitude of the issue? How do we get them to start thinking about the environment? Meghaa Gupta’s new book is a good way to start.

The parent trap

Latha Vydianathan

A corollary of the virtual classrooms has been that parents are now able to watch the teacher’s every move hawk-eyed and what is more they don’t think twice before interrupting the teacher or pointing out her flaws and mistakes. But as the parents are watching the teachers so also the teachers are gauging parents. Here is a teacher’s fun list of the kind of parents she has ‘virtually’ met so far.

Ideas for a communicative English virtual class

Anubha Rawat
Virtual classes are here to stay, at least for sometime. While we all agree that there is nothing to beat the freedom and joy we experience in a physical classroom when we teach, we have to try and find ways to bring a little bit of that joy into our virtual classrooms as well. Here is how I tweaked some of my language activities to suit my e-classroom.

Books as a solution to teen issues

Nikhil Eyeroor
These days there is a lot of focus on the mental well-being of students. With more and more young adults falling prey to depression and social isolation, their emotional wellness is something that schools have to take care of. Reading or listening to stories can be a great way to heal. Here’s how bibliotherapy can help emotionally troubled students.