As the clock ticks

Manaswini Sridhar

As an English teacher, have you ever looked at a math worksheet and told yourself, “How simple it seems! Why is it so problematic to create a language worksheet that is simple and fun and that also works?” Language worksheets are more elaborate because the subject demands it. But then, one can also fine-tune a math worksheet to make it suitable for English. No, it isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Here are some clocks for students to learn to tell the time.


Students are taught how to tell time and the teacher downloads or creates a worksheet with different kinds of clocks for students to demonstrate that they have mastered the concept. The teacher is able to at once understand if the student has grasped the concept or not, and so either makes improvements in the teaching or proceeds to the next level.

What can a language teacher do with this kind of worksheet or a modified version of it to teach middle school students English?

The worksheet can be used to improve written or spoken skills.

The author is a teacher educator and language trainer based in Hyderabad. She can be reached at

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