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Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

books In ‘Quiz time for teachers’, which appeared in the March 2015 issue of Teacher Plus, we gave the readers a different sort of quiz and we hope that you took time to choose your responses with thought and care. In this issue, as promised, we give our perspectives on each situation/question that we had given in the quiz. We would like to tell the readers that what we give below are not the best ways to see each situation. This only indicates that we can see the world through different and often new maps!

You get to know that a child has just lied to you, is hiding something, and not telling you the right thing.
Most of us believe that lying is bad and hence chide the child whenever he/she lies. We’re also scared that this will become a ‘habit’. But we need to realize that a child learns to lie because of some fear, some anxiety, which we have planted in the child’s mind. Instead if we spend time in understanding the child’s real need and together work on that there will be no need to lie. We cannot stop anybody (including ourselves) from lying, we can only create an environment where there is no need to do so.

A child complains that he is being bullied in school by other children.
We believe that each child is capable of handling all situations that he/she faces in life. And even if the child is not capable, isn’t this the opportunity to develop that capability? And the child will be able to develop this only when we first believe in him/her and let the child think and try out.

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