A method through the madness

Usha Raman

hourglass You get up in the morning with an uneasy feeling that you’ve forgotten to do something, that there are too many things unfinished… sounds disturbingly familiar? You open your closet and find it in disarray… Then you walk into your classroom, only to realise there is less than a month before your class play is to be staged, and there’s so much to do, to plan, to organise!

That’s the key word – organise! So many of us seem to have such a hard time getting our lives together; we see the symptoms of poor organisation in our students as well, so why not tackle the issue head on and talk about it in class? Better still, why not plan a whole project around the topic? This is one theme which connects across subjects, in fact, across all areas of life and living, so finding the interdisciplinarity won’t be a problem.

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