FEEDFORWARD an identity

Latha Vydianathan
Feedback we all have heard of but feedforward? Feedback is given based on an action already completed. Feedforward is given while the action is in progress thus allowing the person doing the action to make changes accordingly to improve the action.

Connections that span lifetimes

Usha Raman
A student-teacher relationship is special unlike any other. The influence, inspiration and learnings that a student receives from the teacher forms the essense of this relationship. It is this deep connection that makes a student go up to wish a teacher/help her even several many years later and it is this connection that gives the teacher a pleasure that is unique only to her.

Teachers who made a difference

Sujata Bhonsale Often, as we reflect on our time in school, many of us invariably remember our teachers and their influence on our lives, both academically and personally. While some of us can confidently identify at least one teacher who Read More …

She changed my world

Sudha Mahajan ‘One book, one pen, one child, one teacher can change the world’ said Malala Yousafzai rightly. My heartfelt thanks to my parents who sent me to the Loreto Convent School, Tara Hall in Shimla where each teacher was Read More …

Giving roots and wings

P. Ajitha Of all the teachers who have left an indelible impression and imprint on my professional life as an educator, Mr. L. Bashkar tops the list. Tall, bespectacled with a ‘towering personality’ his presence literally filled the room he Read More …

Learning and growing… beyond the textbook

Lamia Bagasrawala The word ‘teacher’ often comes loaded with many ideas, stereotypes and adjectives. A teacher is often associated with being kind, generous, loving, nurturing, supportive, and most importantly a noble person who helps you become the best version of Read More …

From flame to flame

Subha Das Mollick
A teacher- student relationship is almost always inspirational. Everyone has a favourite teacher and also those who were not liked. Years later, these relationships continue to be cherished and there is a lot of respect and affection for individuals who mentored us . But some teacher-student relationships are legendary, like the one between Fr. Eugene Lafont and Jagdish Chandra Bose who is known as the father of modern science in India. This article gives us a glimpse into their relationship.

The “Unteacherly” advantage

S. Sundaram
Having become a principal without the necessary “apprenticeship”, I visited many “well known” schools hoping to get answers for many of the issues faced by me.

Lessons in gravity and grace

Neerja Singh It has been 40 years but her memory still pushes my spine up ramrod straight. Convents were the rage those days among parents aspiring to the best education for their children. The schools stood for discipline, values and Read More …

Learning, laughing and living

Neha Pradhan Arora I became a teacher quite by chance. I grew up the daughter of a teacher and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to work with children – be a kindergarten teacher, start a crèche…. Read More …