Why study birds?

Adithi Muralidhar and Anand Krishnan
It is the International Year of the Bird, so what better time to learn more about birds. And what can we learn from birds? Apparently a lot from innovative designs to studying the weather.

From lecturing to mentoring

Amit Kumar Uppal
Listening is an important skill that is often overlooked in schools. In our effort to teach them to read and write we forget to teach them to listen.

The joy of listening

Sai Praveen Maddirala
Listening is an important skill that is often overlooked in schools. In our effort to teach them to read and write we forget to teach them to listen.

Breaking away from technology

Manaswini Sridhar
There is so much talk about technology and its foray into education and how teachers have no choice but to embrace this change in their lives. While this is true, it is also true that several many teachers don’t have any access to technology. In such cases what are the resources that teachers can rely upon?

Life as a laboratory

Ananya Pathak
Why do the social sciences lag behind in popularity among its learners? Because its teachers don’t bring in inspiring methods to teach. No other subject is closer to life than social science. So get out of the classroom and onto the streets when you teach the subject.

FEEDFORWARD an identity

Latha Vydianathan
Feedback we all have heard of but feedforward? Feedback is given based on an action already completed. Feedforward is given while the action is in progress thus allowing the person doing the action to make changes accordingly to improve the action.

Connections that span lifetimes

Usha Raman
A student-teacher relationship is special unlike any other. The influence, inspiration and learnings that a student receives from the teacher forms the essense of this relationship. It is this deep connection that makes a student go up to wish a teacher/help her even several many years later and it is this connection that gives the teacher a pleasure that is unique only to her.

From flame to flame

Subha Das Mollick
A teacher- student relationship is almost always inspirational. Everyone has a favourite teacher and also those who were not liked. Years later, these relationships continue to be cherished and there is a lot of respect and affection for individuals who mentored us . But some teacher-student relationships are legendary, like the one between Fr. Eugene Lafont and Jagdish Chandra Bose who is known as the father of modern science in India. This article gives us a glimpse into their relationship.

The “Unteacherly” advantage

S. Sundaram
Having become a principal without the necessary “apprenticeship”, I visited many “well known” schools hoping to get answers for many of the issues faced by me.

Lessons in gravity and grace

Neerja Singh It has been 40 years but her memory still pushes my spine up ramrod straight. Convents were the rage those days among parents aspiring to the best education for their children. The schools stood for discipline, values and Read More …