Finding hope in the classroom

Indumathi S
Most of us have stories of how teachers have left an impression, guided us on our life paths, mentored, suggested or directed, taught both implicitly and explicitly, even scolded and punished us.guided us on our life paths, mentored, suggested or directed

A student’s musings

Leena Thorat When Teacher Plus approached me for a contribution for the September issue on ‘teachers recalling important life lessons learnt from their teachers’, I readily jumped at the offer! What a platform I thought, to express my gratitude towards Read More …

Institution or organization? Unraveling the structure of school

Simran Luthra

Corporate schools, entities that educationists love to hate. And yet every street corner in India houses a corporate school. What are these corporate schools? Why are they so in demand? With all their flaws maybe these schools doing something right to make them so popular? An attempt to demystify corporate schools.

Reading to teach

Nidhi Gaur
How can you teach children to read? Simple. By learning to read and enjoying reading yourself.

Care and the teacher

Sonali Sathaye
Is a caring teacher really an oxymoron? By expecting our teachers to discipline our children are we taking away the natural human instinct to care? Naturally caring for their students shouldn’t be an option that is given to teachers, it should be the norm.