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Those cool thinking hats

2 September 2015 No Comment

Sheela Ramakrishnan

teach-your-child It was difficult to write about one book – but this one won hands down! It was in the early 90s that I stumbled upon the book Teach your child how to think by Edward de Bono. I had no idea about who I was reading and that what was in there was already a mantra. But it fascinated me no end – his focus on moving from critical thinking to creative thinking, from linear to lateral – truly had me reflecting on whether what we do in our schools was way too structured.

And with that began my journey into exploring my own methods of teaching. Was I getting bogged down by one method? Could I teach the same topic differently each year? Was there only one way to approach a problem? All these and more as I began devouring the rest of his books and then realized what a treasure I had hit upon!

He is the father of creative thinking – was responsible for putting the word lateral thinking into the Oxford Dictionary and his techniques – 6 Thinking Hats and Creativity Tools were validated world over in both education and industry.

The author is a Consultant, Counsellor (trained e-coach by the Stanford School of Medicine for the Mana Maali Initiative) and Trainer. She is also a partner in Edcraft, a firm engaged in development and distribution of teaching learning materials as well as a partner in Two is Company, a firm engaged in providing counselling services. She can be reached either at edcraft94@gmail.com or twoisco@gmail.com.

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