Yes, I can do it madam!

Indu Srinivasan
Children love to be appreciated and recognized for the effort that they put in to work on their assignments. A few simple and encouraging comments can make a world of difference . Feedback given in a positive way like smilies, candies, stars etc. motivate young learners and help them do better in their work.

For the newbie teacher

Rakhi Pande
If you have just joined the teaching profession and are feeling less than enthusiastic about having joined, here are ten tips for you to stay motivated and never regret your decision.

Disciplinary punishments

Manaswini Sridhar
Disciplinary actions taken in the classroom should help nurture children and bring about a change so that the child becomes a better human being. This article suggests some alternatives to the tradiitonal physical punishments.

The golden PTM

Neerja Singh
A parent – teacher meeting is always approached with a feeling of apprehension both by the teacher and the parent with the child caught in between. There is criticism and finger -pointing from both sides with little or no room for compromise. What then is the golden rule? Read on to find out.

The disruptive child

Phyllis Farias
Conflict situations abound in the school, in the classroom, among teachers, and between parents and teachers and within ourselves. How can we negotiate all these differences peacefully? Can children be taught that compromise is the most effective way to end conflicts? These are some of the questions raised by our writers in this month’s cover story.