Getting your tone right

Gita Krenek

As a teacher it is extremely important that you are calm and controlled in front of your class. Not just your body language but your voice also alerts the students to your moods. An irritable teacher causes her class to become edgy as well. So be calm and speak to your students from your heart.

Travelling through geography

Jerry Jean Preston

What better way is there to learn about people, places and culture than through travelogues? If you are a geography teacher, whenever you travel to a new place make sure to prepare a travelogue to bring back to the classroom. If you don’t travel very often technology today still makes it possible for you to put together a variety of information that captures the essence of a place of study.

Metals and ores

Yasmin Jayathirtha

How are metals extracted from ores? Does this in anyway affect the environment? Try these experiments and find out.

Teacher Plus: reflections on silver

Divya Choudary

Teacher Plus is 25 years old and the magazine organized a small programme for teachers in the city of Hyderabad. A report of the event.

Potters par excellence

Geetha Iyer

In most humans wasps generate the kind of fear that honey bees bring. But did you know that not all wasps sting? Observing the different kinds of wasps visiting your home and your garden can be quite an enriching experience.

Think like Holmes

Every child is born curious. They say when a child joins school, he/she loses that curiosity. Let us not kill curiosity but encourage scientific thinking among children. Here are a few steps on how you can do that.

Making learning joyous

Pradita Nambiar

A teacher who is used to teaching teenagers suddenly finds herself handling a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds. The author shares her anxious and then exciting and hopeful moments.

Setting yourself up

Monica Kochar

How can you teach sets and venn diagrams without defining these terms until the children have understood the concepts? Here’s how.

A fair evaluation

Shriya Ravishankar

Peer evaluation seems like an easy enough thing to do. But when you take an online course at the end of which you are asked to evaluate your peers and award them marks it suddenly becomes difficult. The author shares here how she learnt to be fair in her evaluations.

Drink the coffee while it’s hot

A carefully laid out plan may have its advantages and could propel teachers to complete what they had outlined with a sense of satisfaction, but come to think of it, are teachers missing out on experiencing the magic of certain moments in the classroom? Slight deviations in the classroom, prompted by children’s questions and doubts, will serve to help the teacher in putting aside the well laid out plan and go with the children. The outcomes may turn out to be better than the initial expectations.