Beyond words!

Ratna Rao

Writing is one of the important skills that teachers have to impart to students. And despite the plathora of material available to aid the teacher in this area there is never enough of it. Here are some more ideas of how you can get even the most diffident of the children to write.

Walking on the “wild” side

Sanchita Sharma

If you move away from the chalk and talk you will realize how much fun there is in teaching and learning. Here a teacher shares her experience of taking her students on a “wild”journey.

The nourishment of ideas


We have all heard that the Waldorf system of education is an extremely child-friendly teaching-learning environment. Here is a glimpse into the world of Waldorf.

Two days of ‘real’ fun

Sahir D’Souza My school, Shishuvan, hosts either a project-day or a fair every year. They are times of anticipation and fun for all of us. Last year, which was my first year at the school, we had the fair. The Read More …

Making workshops work

Sonali Bhatia

Workshops are important for teachers because for that duration when teachers become learners, they are reminded of their purpose for teaching. By attending workshops and learning new things teachers become better at what they are already good at.

From the workshop to the classroom

Manaswini Sridhar

Workshops are an integral part of a teacher’s life. Yet it is not often that one sees teachers implementing what they learn in a workshop in their classrooms. Here’s how you can motivate your teachers to experiment more in their classrooms.

Schools of different hues

Shalini B

How many of us have had to go through the agony and tension of looking for a good school for our children and then hope that we have made the right decision. The author shares her expereience here.

Questioning the curriculum

Simran Luthra

There is talk about gender sensitization as part of the school curriculum now. But thus far have we been desensitizing our children to gender related issues? Is our curriculum promoting stereotype? Teacher Plus looks at gender in education through its new column Gender Bender.

KenKen – the new sensation

Dr. SN Gananath

You have surely heard of the Sudoku and perhaps even attempted your hand at it. Now try your hand at KenKen, another number puzzle from Japan.