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January 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Give us this day our daily… lesson plan! | ]

Sayujya Sankar and Sangeeta Menon Ms. Ruchi Arora, a mentor teacher for English at Sancta Maria International School, believes that lesson planning is essential for a class to go on smoothly. Using the information in the curriculum as her point of reference, she plans what she is going to be doing in class for the […]

February 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Adding the experience element | ]

Harini Kumar Eliminating mediocrity in education is a motto of EZ Vidya, an education solutions provider for schools. What is it that mainstream schools are not doing that would need supplementary efforts from such organizations? Founded ten years ago in Chennai with the mission “Let the child blossom”, EZ Vidya provides products and services to […]

August 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Parent as teacher? Views from centre stage | ]

Purvi Shah My experiences as a student have largely defined the way I view my children’s education. Having done well academically all my life it was only when I attended my MBA classes at NMIMS that I started questioning what education was all about. When the time came for my son to join a pre-school, […]

August 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Looking back… moving forward | ]

Reena Ginwala If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured and far away… – Henry David Thoreau We become parents by default. Today we know better than to take our role of parenting […]

August 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Homeschooling: A day in the life | ]

Arun Elassery There are fast-moving white cotton-puff clouds in the bright blue Bangalore sky and through the big window I can see that it’s a beautiful windy day outside. I am sitting in my home-office from where I manage SeasonWatch, an India-wide tree monitoring program for school children, which brings in just enough income for […]

September 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on The philosopher’s stone | ]

Alok Badal There are times in our lives when each one of us experiences some life-changing moments. The day I met Prof. Chittaranjan Das (1923-2011), whom many young adults of my age affectionately called Chitta Bhai, I knew that I was on the road to change. I came across Chitta Bhai in 1988 when I […]

September 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Of journeys and lessons | ]

Maya Kamalakar sits across me, a warm smile on her face and enthusiasm illuminating her eyes. She recalls the magical moments she had during her travels. Maya is an avid traveller and a teacher by profession. She worked as a teacher in Vidyaranya School till last year and now is part of the administration of […]

September 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on A tool for change | ]

Meenakshi Kumar When the daily routine of life and work becomes a chore rather than pleasure, it surely is time to take a break. And, if the retreat rejuvenates and refreshes in body, mind and spirit, then that is just the antidote one needs. When I chose teaching as a profession, I was inundated with […]

September 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on A unique synergy | ]

Damayanti Mukherjee Indus International School is at present a network of three IB (International Baccalaureate) accredited schools located in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune along with multiple Indus Early Learning Centres (I ELC) in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, a Community School in Bengaluru and its own teacher training wing, ITARI, in Bengaluru. The IB ethos of […]

September 2012 »

[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on I, myself and my students | ]

Durga Sitaraman When the idea of an annual school-wide retreat for the teachers was first floated, I wasn’t very sure what to make of it. Retreats reminded me of my school days when nuns from all over the district would assemble in my school. I vaguely recall the unstated hushed environment in the school, the […]