The textbook unbound

Kadambari Muttoo
A conference on ‘India’s Textbook Culture’ organised by Learn Today, the learning division of the India Today Group, held in December 2008, focused on how learning resources and textbooks are conceptualised, produced and used.

Bakul: Harnessing everyday energies

Sujit Mahapatra
The Bakul Foundation is a testament to what ordinary people can do if they want to. The foundation was set up to help people realise their power and role in bringing about a change in society.

“You cannot do this to us”

Sneha Choudhury
Teachers do leave school, with reason. Maybe a transfer in the family, a better opportunity, sickness, ideological differences with the management… there could be umpteen reasons.

A rose by any other name

S Upendran
When we started going to school and began learning English, what were the first things we were taught?

Curious case of an Indian student

Pawan Singh
In my four months and a few weeks of being in the US, a period marked by discovery and heightened cultural consciousness, I’ve amused quite a few Americans in the process.

The big deal with playing cards

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur The game ideas below are for children four upwards and primarily work on developing a sense of quantity, computational skills, and usage of operands. Why games? They are fun, involving, encourage open thinking; reinforce concepts Read More …

The unsolved problems

Dr SN Gananath
It is unfortunate but true. Most of the times when teachers and children are engaged in maths classes what they do is to make a few mathematical noises and very little ‘real’ maths.

Of movement and play

Seetha Anand
Young children are natural learners. They bring an informal mathematical knowledge (or number sense) and experience into the pre-school classroom.

Doing the math in poetry

Monica Kochar
I am a math teacher but I have always loved poetry. My interest in these two very different subjects made me wonder if I could bring them together in my classes.

Effective test-taking strategies

Sridhar Rajagopalan
The phrase ‘test-taking strategies’ is a common one. It refers to what we must do to score best in tests. These may include tips, suggestions, special types of preparations, etc.