On The Right Track

Ayesha Das
Teaching is an extremely important job and it is necessary that teachers are porfessional in their work.

Measure for Measure

Shailendra Gupta
There are no arguments when it comes to the fact that children enjoy learning when there are games involved. Here are a few games that primary teachers can make use of in their classrooms to teach.

Fan Facts

In the 18th century fans were used as a means of communication! Read to find out the history of the fan and its various uses.

Uniform Values!

Brendan MacCarthaigh
We have often heard debates about schools having uniforms versus not having them. Which side of the argument are you on? Read to find out why the author believes that schools should have unifroms.

The Open Library

Usha Mukunda & Sunila Rau
What is an open library? How different is it from a regular library? Will your school or neighbourhood have greater attendance because of the nature of the library?

The School That Tagore Built

Deepa Onkar
In her series on great thinkers and educators from India, the author in this issues writes about Rabindranath Tagore’s idea of education.

Did You Know?

How many of us have not devoured Jeffery Archers or Agatha Christies? But have we ever wonderd about how novels came to be?

Computers or Books?

Nisha George
Computers in pre-schools? Are they an advantage or a disadvantage?


When you realise that you have certain skills it is important that you nurture them. Read this lighthearted piece to find out how this author came to that conclusion.