Self-directed learning

C Radhakrishnan
What is self-directed learning? How important is it? Does the teacher have any role to play when learning is self-directed? Here’s understanding and bursting the myths on self-directed learning.

BaLA – its roots and the spread

Kabir Vajpeyi
The concept of Building as a Learning Aid has become very important as more schools look at maximizing their resources. This profile looks at how BaLA became popular and why it is spreading.

The stars of Tilonia

Chintan Girish Modi
The Barefoot College is an organization that enhances the lives of the less privileged by providing them basic services and solutions.

Planning an ABL class

Sridivya Mukpalkar
Activity based learning is increasingly becoming popular. Teacher Plus reports on an activity based learning workshop conducted by Edcraft, an educational material producer.

A space for enquiry

Simran Luthra
Teacher Plus reports on a workshop by the Tata Institute of Social Science, Philosophy of Education society and Centre for Philosophy and Humanities.

Of work and education

Yasmin Jayathirtha
This year’s Alternative Learning Network meet explored the idea of work and education. Teacher Plus reports.

Exploring place names

S Upendran
How were places given their names? When explorers discovered new lands how did they name their new finds? Read in this times Words Unlimited.

Ramchandranchi Maitree Shaala

Jamuna Shukla
How often do we come across 80 year olds active in bringing about a social change? At 80 Ram Kaka continues to nurture and work for this dream.

Strengthening rural schools

Munusamy Raviraaj
A news report on Makkal Television on July 23rd 2008 reported that government schools in Tiruchi district were closing down due to lack of resources and declining strength.

Schooling: No Equal Measures?

Pawan Singh
The third National Learning Conference hosted by the Azim Premji Foundation was held at Bangalore. Teacher Plus reports.