Setting hair on fire to ignite young minds!

Sridivya Mukpalkar
Rafe Esquith’s Teach like your hair is on fire is a book for every passionate teacher. Although written by an American, the book is universal in its appeal.

Network for learning

Seetha Anand
When like minded people come together, there is always an explosion of ideas. This is a report on the 7th Annual Learning Network Conference.

Lit-fest take away

Achala Upendran
A literature student’s perspective of the Jaipur literature festival.

Making teaching happen

Ayesha Das
The author is introduces the column in this first of a series of articles and discusses how it can be a platform of change.

What social work can do

It is during the age that children go to school that their personalities are developed. And if we want our future generations to be kind, humane and understanding we need to instill those qualities in them. And what better way to do it than to introduce social work in school?

After the high, the decay

Anil Seth
Teachers, whether at school, college or university level, face a multitude of problems not entirely in their control. Individual issues may mean very little, but collectively, the impact is striking. In such a situation, what do highly inspired teachers do?

A walk through time

Usha Raman
History is generally considered a boring subject by most children but there are ways to make the subject come alive.

Making a project work

Usha Raman
We at Teacher Plus thought it was time we stepped back a bit from the subject of the project and took a look at the project itself – why it is important, how should it be used, and what is the best way to approach it.