From mother-tongue to many tongues

An issue, in the educational field, that draws strong opinions from people is the medium of instruction in schools. This article has the author strongly advocating the use of regional languages in primary school as the medium of instruction.

Overcoming the language barrier

Anjali Sharma
Learning a new language is not very easy. Whether you are trying to learn english, hindi or anyother language here are a few tips that might help.

Re-energizing magnetism

Sudha Rangan
Magnets are intriguing. It is an important topic in all physics textbooks. Here’s taking a new look at magnets and magnetism.

Happy at the circus

Practice makes a man perfect. Read to find out how Happy helps his friends Sultan, Frisky and Patch realize this. Along the way allow children to discover the interconectedness of the different subjects they are learning.


Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
On a chess board, have you played a game other than chess? Use the chess board to play all these fun games even as you learn english and math.

Do teachers need to know about HIV/AIDS?

Munusamy Raviraaj
Should HIV/AIDS be discussed in schools? How aware should our teachers be of this illness? Based on a survey they conducted, Kalanjiyam an NGO in Tamil Nadu writes.

Algebra: a survival guide

Dr. S N Gananath
Transition from arithmetic to algebra is a traumatic experience for many children. But taught properly it is a fascinating subject.

A vicious circle

Prasuna Balantrapu
How responsible is a school for the children it teaches? Are we being unfair when we hold the school responsible for anything untoward that may happen to a child?