Avenues in blended learning

Cynthia D’Costa
Every alternate Sunday, about 50 students meet at a college in Mumbai, for their course in Teacher Education.

Use me, says the calculator

Hi, I am the Calculator. In the adult world, I’m fairly ubiquitous, in fact quite indispensable for many.

Making powerful points

Aditi Mathur, Ratnesh Mathur, and Vidya Samudrala
The best way to learn is to teach! Children love to share, to show, to explain and to exhibit – to peers.

The world in the classroom

A G Lakshmi Sujatha
In my opinion, integrating technology into classroom teaching is a great way to ensure this.

Theme-based special issue

Teacher Plus brings out two theme-based special issues every year. The May-June issue, coming as it does during vacation time, is devoted to one theme, i.e. curriculum-based issues, topics and activities. The other special issue comes out every December focusing Read More …


Ideas implemented I was very pleased to read the article, “21 ideas to transform your library”, which appeared in the November 2009 issue of Teacher Plus. We have already put to practice some of the ideas from the article. We Read More …

Thinking through the techno-maze

The first time I was confronted by anything resembling “high technology” in a classroom was more than a quarter century ago, when I was asked to sit at an electronic typewriter and in ten minutes flat type a one-page script, Read More …