Awe-inspiring but vulnerable

Sadhana Ramchander
In our rushed lives, how many of us stop a moment to take a look at what nature has to offer? We don’t even seem to notice that something around us is missing until an environmental group or a news channel points it out to us.

Aloo, Maloo and Kaloo

Rukmini Banerji
It is amazing to see how children find joy in the most simple things. Here is an interesting experience of this teacher with a bunch of kids in a small school in a village in Bihar.


September issue, a treat to read The Teacher’s Day special in the September issue is superb. The whole idea is that we are learners too, and we learn from our colleagues in the same profession. I have really enjoyed reading Read More …

Left vs right syndrome

Sheela Ramakrishnan
Every country has a different set of rules for driving on its roads. This author shares her amusing experience of trying to relearn the rules of driving in another country.

A wake up call!

Monica Kochar

A child for us is usually ‘good in my subject’ or ‘bad in my subject’. We fail to see that this is only one facet of the multi personality that the person is.

A life-changing moment

Zeba Raziunissa
All of us have that one teacher we will always remember. This author says she cannot forget the infulence that her English teacher had on her. Who is your favourite teacher?

Watch out for burnout

Are you tired, sick and depressed all the time? Do you find that you are less enthusiastic about teaching now from when you started your career? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then you might be experiencing symptoms of a burnout.

For a more caring environment

Geetha Arvind
This article outlines the theme, summary and outcome of “Schools That Care”, A National Conference on the Social and Emotional Environment of our Schools, held between November 3-5, 2008 at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISc Campus, Bangalore.