A Special Kind of Learning

by Pawan Singh
Remember those times you taught a younger sibling or were taught by an older brother or sister? The author shares his experience of learning from his older cousins.

What’s in a name?

by S Upendran,

Madras eye, Delhi belly, Oxford blue, Mexican wave, and American dream. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the first element in the expressions that have been listed is the name of a well-known place…

Come Into My Parlour

by S Upendran
If you have ever wondered why the rooms in your house are called what they are called then you will find an answer to two such rooms–drawing room and bathroom–in this article.

Creating New Learning Spaces

by Manish Jain
Lots of schools in India are waking up to the fact that education has to be child centered and not teacher centered. But is that good enough? If a child has to learn things that he should know then education should not just be child centered but child-led. In part II of his article, the author elaborates on this idea.

Violence and Response

by Kavita Anand
Violence is inherent in human beings and if we don’t want our children to grow up with daggers drawn at each other then we should take care that we meet their bad behaviour with compassion and persuasion rather than punishment or hatred.


The school has to be unquestionably an ‘organic unit’ which offers numerous fulfilling experiences.

Learning from Gandhi

by Deepa Onkar.
Gandhi’s vision of education is intrinsically linked with the idea of individual and national freedom.

Listen while you learn

Ratna Rao How does a child learn his native tongue? By listening. The child starts listening, some say, even while in the womb of the mother, to the sounds of the language the mother speaks. Listening is the foundation of Read More …

Sleight of Teaching

by Meghana Rao
Magic in a classroom? Yes! Could there be anything more fascinating? Use magic in the classroom to liven things up, build a rapport and to teach.