What Happened to My Canvas Shoes?

by S Upendran

Those of us who went to school in the 1970s and 80s were usually required to buy two pairs of shoes at the beginning of every academic year:…

Relax At Your Desk

Sunita Anand The feeling of heavy head, tense shoulder muscles, aching back and sore wrist is an oft-occurring phenomenon amongst teachers and people who work at the computer as part of their jobs. Relaxation techniques and exercises that you can Read More …

Inviting Contributions

Technology in its various forms has infiltrated every aspect of our professional, personal and social lives. In this issue of Teacher Plus, we examine how technology plays a role in education–both from the perspective of the facilitator (the teacher) and Read More …


As a physical education teacher, I sincerely wish you would address some concerns through your magazine. While we all know education is meant to groom children into future citizens, the pressure of the school curriculum, the amount of learning that Read More …

Fitness and The Teacher

Long hours hunched over notebooks, reading often illegible handwriting in poorly lit and sometimes poorly ventilated staffrooms, arm raised for minutes at a time writing on the blackboard, shoulders slumped with the weight of two score and more books…and we Read More …

Hard Decisions

The question that may be at the top of every regular reader’s mind is the increase in the price of the magazine beginning this issue.

Vital statistics

by Harekrushna Behera
Why is this child in your class always irritable? Why is that one so stubborn? How do you react to such children? Do you feel they are trouble makers? This article offers a few helpful tips on what it takes to educate a child.

Maths, The e-learning Way

by Rashmi Kathuria
If you ask what subject they fear the most, eight out of ten will say mathematics. Why is this? Perhaps there is a need to reinvent the way the subject is taught to get more students to realize how fascinating it can be. A math teacher share with us her experiences of using e-tools to teach math.

Did You Know?

by M V Pattabhiraman
We all know that when something falls it will come down and not go up. But this author experienced something strange. When in neutral gear his car actually went up a hill! Read to find out why this happened.

A Framework for Change

Shalini Advani Schools are, or they ought to be, dynamic, changing organisations if they are to be effective in educating our children. A school which does not think about how to develop, how to constantly grow, is a dead organisation Read More …